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How Alleo Doubled Registrations and Increased Attendance by 42%

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"Webinars play a key role for our acquisition, about 60% of our pipeline has a touchpoint with a webinar on Contrast. That's why it's super important we've a webinar platform that works well for us."

That's what Bernice from Alleo (formerly YourCampus) told us. Bernice is the marketing manager at Alleo and responsible for their B2B marketing strategy. If you want to chat improving the channel mix and new customer acquisition, Bernice is the one to talk to.

If you haven't heard of Alleo, you should check them out. It's a platform that helps businesses give their employees access to flexible benefits and reward packages through a mobile application.

Alleo ran their first webinar in 2023 on Contrast. Since then, we have seen them become more and more successful with Contrast. There are webinars where they get over 1000 registrations. And typically, about 50% of people that registered come and watch the webinar.

That's high and lot higher than the industry average, which is about 30% or the 35% they got on Livestorm, their previous webinar platform.

Bernice (Alleo) and Luuk (Contrast) during the recording of this case study

Together with Bernice, we'll look at how Contrast has helped them capture more leads and helped them increase their overall webinar ROI with higher attendance rates. But also new content creation, thanks to Repurpose Ai that helps them save about 4-6 hours repurposing their webinars.

We'll also look at things that are perhaps a little more difficult to express in numbers, such as ease of use. Take for example the versatility of the HubSpot integration. And how they've onboarded their sales team to manage their own webinars, thanks to the ease of use of Contrast.

First, let's look at why Alleo switched from Livestorm to Contrast.

Livestorm lacks in branding and is more expensive

Before we used Contrast, we ran our webinars on Livestorm. This worked okay for us. We weren't unhappy. But at the same time, we weren't enthusiastic about it. I mean, it's a webinar tool, right?

Now if I look back, at how successful our webinars have become since running them on Contrast – I've thought more about how much of that in part is thanks to Contrast.

The reason we started looking for another webinar platform is that we want something more modern. By modern I mean a couple of things. You want a platform that aligns with your brand. We believe that every touchpoint matters in how people perceive our brand. We felt Livestorm didn't really do that. But Contrast did.

Another thing that was very important to us and our sales team was the HubSpot integration. We wanted to maximize the data we would get from our webinars so that the sales team could use that to do better follow up. Every data point matters because it helps us to have more relevant conversations with our prospects.

One of the things we like is that you can get a shared Slack channel with Contrast for support. Direct replies from real people instead of waiting for a reply to your email, or talking to a chatbots.

Contrast's HubSpot integration sends over 20 data points to HubSpot. And we're using almost all of these data points when we're doing a follow-up after the webinar is over. It simply helps us have better conversations with our prospects. And those better conversations of course lead to higher win-rates.

As a startup, costs are important as well. Livestorm was more expensive than Contrast. You'd expect to get less features in that case – but luckily it wasn't!

We doubled registrations and increased attendance rates by 42%

But let's be honest, a webinar tool also needs to perform in hard numbers as well. To us, it's important that the platform gives us registration pages that convert highly – and that on the day of the event, people also come to watch our webinars.

We kind of found a playbook on how to run our webinars and masterclasses, with incredible results. I think it's a combination of finding relevant topics for our audience. Including webinars into our outreach campaigns – and using Contrast as our webinar platform.

At this moment our webinar strategy is really starting to take off. With about 60% of our pipeline having a touchpoint with a webinar, you understand how important webinars are to us.

To give you an idea, we now on average have 400 attendees per webinar. With attendance rates of about 50%. This is much higher than on Livestorm, where we had about 150 registrants with an average attendance rate of 35%.

Of course, that's not only because of Contrast. We've improved our playbook since using Livestorm. But I'm sure that the modern look of it, the engagement tools and the HubSpot integration play a large part in helping us get more registrations for our webinars. And get more people to show up to the webinar.

contrast analytics

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Something else that we noticed is that people stay longer to watch our webinars. We want people to keep watching, because towards the end we build towards showing our solution (product red.) and give people a call-to-action. That's why engagement is so important to us.

With Contrast, it's easy to keep people watching until the end. The different engagement features, like on-stage polls and Q&A help do this. And that they look on-brand is important to us.

GIF that shows the Q&A feature from Contrast
Q&A on Contrast

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales

Before hosting our webinars on Contrast, I was in charge of running all of our webinars from A-Z. Including the webinars for the sales team, where they would only appear as speakers. That costs time.

Because Contrast is so easy to use, we've now onboarded our entire sales team on Contrast. They're now running their own webinars. That means I can free up a lot of time to work on higher value tasks. And they can even optimize their outreach by using UTM-data that is also tracked on HubSpot.

For example, they found out that our Apollo (marketing automation tool) was driving a lot of signups to Alleo's webinars thanks to the UTM-tracking on Contrast. Since then, they doubled down on Apollo, on which has further increased the number of registrations we get from webinars.

Something else that I noticed when we invite external speakers, is that they're often worried about the webinar tool. Do I need to learn the tool? Do I need to download something? It clearly stresses them out a bit.

But with Contrast, I can tell them that the only thing they need to worry about is the presentation itself. That's always a relief for my speakers. And of course myself.

Use insights from the webinar to personalize follow-ups

Something else that we like a lot is all the data you can get from a single webinar. Contrast makes it easy to analyze every webinar by providing you the right set of graphs and tools.

Screenshot of the analytics page on Contrast
Rich and detailed analytics on Contrast

Take for example the chat messages. We use them in our webinar follow-up. We add them inside HubSpot and then the sales team uses that info to personalize their follow-up.

A brief switched back to Livestorm

A few weeks ago we ran a webinar with a partner of us. They were using Livestorm and insisted on using them for the webinar. We didn't think that was a problem.

However, after the webinar was over, we all agreed on one thing: "Hmm.. we should have really hosted this on Contrast".

It's difficult to exactly explain why. But Contrast is just easier to use, it feels smoother. The experience for us and the attendees is better. And the data that you get after the webinar is more useful too.

Contrast saves us up to 6 hours per webinar

One of the newest features on Contrast is Repurpose Ai. It's a bit like ChatGPT but then for your webinars. Based on the webinar transcript, you can for example ask it to create a blog article, or a post for social media.

We think this feature is great. It helps us save time. I would say about about 4-6 hours for every webinar that we run. And when you run as many as we do, that's a lot of hours saved!

Now for every webinar we run, we turn it into a blog article. It's not like Repurpose Ai writes the entire article. We still make adjustments. But it does a lot of the very long (and boring) work.

And because Contrast automatically turns the live event into an on-demand event, we can use the repurposed content to drive even more registrations and views to the webinar itself.

Something else that's very valuable to us is to understand who watched the webinar, how long they watched and of course the people that didn't watch but registered. Each of them we treat differently.

Take for example the people that registered, but did not attend the webinar. We now use Clip Ai to create shorts clips of segments of the webinar. We use these clips in our outreach to encourage people to still watch the webinar.

Then it is of course a no-brainer to post these same clips on social media as well to create engagement with our followers there.

Get more from your webinars

Thanks again Bernice for putting this case study together with us!

As you can see, there are different ways that a webinar platform can help you improve the bottom line.

Whether that's more leads captured or having the right tools to better engage them. It's always worth looking at another webinar tool. Trying out webinar tools is easy, and most platforms like Contrast offer a free trial.

New features like Repurpose Ai make repurposing a breeze. So choose a webinar platform that has repurposing features, so that you can save 4-6 hours per webinar as well.

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